Quad bikes and bicycles

At the base of the holiday «Chalet Desna» you can rent (not expensive) sports bikes and two-seater quad bikes (volume 200 cm.cube) for unforgettable ride-by-street in the woods or along the banks of the Desna.

The cost of renting a quad bike — 595 UAH/hour.

The cost of renting a bike — 100 UAH/hour.

It has long been known that cycling is not only a very pleasant activity, but also very useful. Regardless of the speed of cycling gives excellent physical activity. During skiing, the lungs not only begin to work 100 percent, but also fully get the required amount of oxygen, which is very pleasing, because without oxygen, as well as without food, we can not live.


It is difficult to overestimate the benefit that can give us a bicycle both psychologically and physically. There is a saying — «in a healthy body a healthy spirit», confirmation of this is a large number of cyclists who are very happy with their hobby. And if you still have friends who are also interested in this hobby, then you have the opportunity to arrange fun walks out of town and cycling, and maybe real cycling tours in the nearest cities. Perhaps after reading this article it is also your time to join the bike lovers!

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