SPA procedures

The positive effect of water procedures on the state of the body has been known for a long time. The body begins its development in the aquatic environment, which is very favorable for it. Scientists have proven that the more often to bathe a baby in water slightly warmer than room temperature, the faster it develops. In water, the skin as if attracts free electrons, which in water is much more than in the air. Swimming is also very useful, during air delay in the lungs (which is natural during swimming), the body retains a large amount of carbon dioxide, thus stimulated biosynthesis. While in the water, you enjoy a natural massage of the skin and muscles, sweat glands are cleansed, skin breathing is activated. Bath and spa

Bath or sauna is very useful for removing harmful substances from the body. The body warms up, the pores open, there is heavy sweating, dissolved in sweat harmful substances come out of the body through the pores. Contrasting spa treatments are very useful. The combination of cold and warm water helps to change the effect of blood flow. The blood flow goes to the skin, then into the center of the body, all toxins and toxins will come out through the pores. Contrast baths spa are also good. Usually in the spa salons are next to two baths. In one warm water that should cover the whole body when you are in it. In the bath you need to lie down for about half an hour. Muscles during this time will relax, the body will warm up, pores will open and improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. Then you go into a font with cold water and dive into it with your head. Again the breath is delayed, the content of endorphin increases. In a cold font you can not stay longer than one minute, so that the body does not cool, and you do not catch a cold. Throwing a robe, not wiping, do a couple of simple exercises, go. The body should get a normal temperature, you should not be cold. There is another procedure — a contrast cyclical bath, practiced in spa salons.

In "Chalet Desna" you can try:

Carpathian vat Stimulating the entire cardiovascular system, relieving nervous tension in muscles and joints, normalizing metabolism, boosting immunity, improving skin condition, increasing potency, normalizing the nervous system and increasing its stress resistance. Fresh needles, herbs or sea salt are brewed in the vat.

Price — 3000 UAH. 3-4 hours

For customers living in Chalet Desna — a discount of 500 UAH.

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