New Year's celebrations and corporate parties

Come to us for the holiday.
There will be a Christmas tree, there will be laughter.
For the guests, we tried,
Come, we're all waiting.

Everyone who wants to be with us
Songs to sing and dance,
yone who wants to believe in a fairy tale
And receive gifts.

Where to spend New Year's corporate holidays, friends' meetings, New Year or Christmas?

Of course, outside the city, in nature, near the forest, on the river bank — in the country complex "Chalet Desna."

Please accept the most sincere congratulations on the coming New Year and Christmas! Let the coming year be the beginning of favorable changes and successful deeds and every day it will be kind, fruitful in work and happy in his personal life.

"Chalet Desna" invite you to hold an unforgettable Pre-New Year party outside the city, in the circle of friends and colleagues. We're waiting for you at the Chalet Desna. We'd love to meet you!

The Night Before Christmas, or "Evenings on the Farm Near Dikanka"

Magical, mystical, but at the same time so cheerful Dikanka — so far, and at the same time — so close! It's fun and goodies, great mood and unforgettable experiences, it's past and present, past and non-life…

Those wishing to arrange an unusual new year in a "warm" environment, you can follow the heroes of your favorite New Year's movie to go to the bath friendly company. As for the financial issue, the fold of rent is quite inexpensive.

Traditionally, on the basis of "Chalet Desna" guests will bathe in the Carpathian vat and steam in the Russian bath.


База отдыха "Шале Десна"