Celebration in the Ukrainian style

Your holiday in the Ukrainian style: a fabulous evening full of wonders and new discoveries in Chalet Desna.

Costume party in the Ukrainian style — a wonderful option for all who want to celebrate a wedding, birthday, corporate holiday or just the end of the week. It will allow you to remember folk traditions, feel like a hero of the famous work "Evenings on the farm near Dikanka", taste appetizing dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, take your soul for the performance of national songs. Each guest of such an evening will fully feel the harmony and identity of the Ukrainian farm with its daily worries and good entertainment.

To create the atmosphere of the Ukrainian evening in the complex "Chalet Desna" is quite simple — to call and order a holiday in the "Ukrainian House." It is important to approach creatively to the design of the holiday, respecting folk traditions, and then each guest will be transferred to a glorious Ukrainian farm to enjoy the harmony and generosity of the Slavic soul. Themed Ukrainian parties in Chalet Desna — great for any celebration.

Heartfelt songs, cheerful dances, richly covered table and people — simple, open, hospitable. Bright and noisy party in the Ukrainian style will be a great gift for the birthday lover to relax with a truly Slavic scale!

When organizing such an event, it is important to take into account every detail:

  • The design of the Ukrainian house brings home warmth and comfort to the atmosphere. National attributes: floristry, embroidered towels, ribbons, embroidered tablecloths and napkins, wooden concealer, real icons, Cossack Mamay, pottery and a real functioning Ukrainian oven — all tolerates the days when lived blacksmith Vakula and his beloved. You can seat guests at a long table with benches.


  • Treats: lard, dumplings, cabbage, roasted boar, pickles, pot-bellied bottles, liqueurs, dried fruit uzvar and other favorite dishes.
  • Guests' clothing: you need to comply with the dress code. Well suited embroidery, wide gloves with a piece of food (men's suit). The weak floor should put on simple things in the rustic style, take care of a handkerchief or wreath, red boots, embroidered corset, make-up (bright shadows and red cheeks).
  • Music. The evening will brighten up folk Ukrainian compositions in classical and modern interpretation and a guest group that will perform songs and play folk instruments (lira, bagpipes, kobza).
  • Entertainment largely depends on the occasion for the holiday. If a wedding is planned, you can arrange an exit registration in the Ukrainian style, observe all ceremonies (matchmaking, ransom, removal of the veil). Corporate and family events will be decorated with Cossack performances, master classes of folk art (pottery, painting, sculpting, batik), festive fair, competitions in jumping bags, evening dances.
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