Our kitchen

Kitchen with soul!

We offer you a break from everyday life and fully enjoy the homemade delicious cuisine, which is prepared — «fingers lick»! It is especially valuable on vacation that you do not need to spend your time on cooking, and fully en
joy the air, nature, forest and river.

The chalet Desna base offers its guests a particularly delicious home kitchen — complex family dinners, national and banquet dishes, corporate service to order.

What we treat:

First courses

  • Ear «Navarly» with river fish
  • Borsch Ukrainian «Home»
  • Borsch Green with egg and sour cream
  • The polished «Cold» on the storm kvass
  • Pea soup with smoked brisket
  • Soup with meatballs

Second courses

  • Chicken chop (french and Ukrainian)
  • Pork kebab
  • Homemade cutlets
  • Fish cutlet from fresh river fish
  • Roasted carp in sour cream with onion «Fresh»
  • Plov Uzbek
  • Pork ribs — baked with prunes
  • Pepper stuffed with sour cream
  • Cabbage with sour cream
  • Greek meatballs with courgettes
  • Dumplings homemade
  • Vareniki with cabbage
  • «Like in the village»
  • Deruns and cheesecakes with sour cream
  • Pancakes with gravy and banana
  • Vegetable salad «Only from the vegetable garden»
  • Pickles «From our cellar… Love!»
  • Assorted from the fat «Svizhina»
  • Porridge (different)
  • Potatoes «home» (with bacon and garlic)

Our dishes are prepared with love and care and at home delicious. And for your convenience, you can choose the food option you need. It can be a complex offer, and any of the options separately: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Welcome and a pleasant appetite!

База отдыха "Шале Десна"