Oster-Kozelec-Lemeshi-Chemer (77 km)

Oster Gorodets-Vostrsky (Ostersky City)

"In the city of 6606 (1098) 3alat Volodym-yur hail on the Vstry Trkve at n stag mi Mikhail ston, and vyrkh is a sluv of the Narubyl'n" (Ipatiev's chronicle). The first written mention of it date back to 1098, when the city was founded by Vladimir Monomakh under the name Gorodets. However, there is evidence that the fortified outpost of the Slovenians existed on this place since the time of Vladimir the Great. Its turbulent history the city owes to the location at the intersection of important trade routes from the northern principalities to Byzantium and Kiev. During kievan Rus, Gorodets was repeatedly destroyed as a result of princely strife, but each time he was restored. It was finally destroyed in 1240 by an invasion of the Mongol Tatars. Over time, the settlement of Old Oster appeared on the site of the destroyed fortress.


The goat is known from the beginning of the 17th century, when he was part of the Commonwealth, being a fortified and significant city. In the city were developed crafts, fishing, over-bottai grain. The population of the city actively participated in the peasant-Cossack uprisings against the Polish nobility in the 20-30s of the 17th century and, despite the defeat, the population of the city refused to recognize the union. Kozeletskaya hundred took part in the liberation war of 1648-1654 and was part of the Slesta of the Kiev Regiment. Representatives of Koselts were also present at the Pereyaslav Rada. For the services of the inhabitants of the city Bogdan Khmelnitsky certificate from 1656 granted Kozelz Magdeburg law.

s. Lemeshi

It was here that In the family of The Cossack Grigory Rozum were born Alexey and Kirill Razumsky, who played not the last role in the history of Russia .


The name Chemer on the ancient Celts means "countryman" that is related to Kemer in Turkey and Kemer in Latvia. In the village of Cheher in his youth sang in the local St. Michael's Church Alexey Razumovsky. At the present time, a monument of wooden architecture of the Pashkovsky manor house was preserved in the village.


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