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Bathing in a Carpathian vat

Bathing in a Carpathian vat or bath in a vat is an ancient, healthy and exotic SPA procedure.

Chalet Desna Recreation Base invites its guests to try our SPA treatments:

  • bathing in a wellness Carpathian vat on wood with a font, which we specially brought from the Carpathians,
  • aroma font by candlelight with oils and rose petals,

Imagine the forest around, and you sit in a hot tub smelling of herbs and needles, and breathe fresh forest air. Do you have a good imagination? You can’t imagine it until we buy you out in our vat!

The wellness vat is a large capacity capable of carrying 8 people. Chan is filled with decoction of medicinal herbs, fresh needles and gradually heated on wood to a temperature of 38-42 degrees. Bathing in a vat lasting from 5 to 15 minutes alternates with cooling procedures in CUPLEY from 5 to 30 seconds. During and after the procedures it is advisable to take tea infused with herbs. After the procedures there is a feeling of lightness and bliss and full relaxation.

Fresh needles, herbs and sea salt are brewed in the vat.

The site with a vat is located outdoors in the forest and overlooks a mountain river. Chan is the perfect place for romantic candlelit meetings and fun parties.

The health effect of bathing in a vat.

The effect of bathing in the Carpathian vat is to stimulate the entire cardiovascular system, relieve nervous tension in muscles and joints, normalize metabolism. Bathing in a vat helps to increase immunity, improve the condition of the skin, increase potency. For the full therapeutic effect and hardening of the body it is desirable to take a course of several procedures. But the one-time procedure will help to relieve nervous tension, muscle and headache, stimulates the body’s reserves. Although the vat effect is palpable at any time of the year, this procedure is particularly shown in the

cold season, when it is possible to create the maximum temperature contrast. 

Bathing in a vat is ordered 4-5 hours before the expected visit.

Cost (capacity up to 8 people) – 3000 UAH. 3-4 hours – a man’s complex with a gazebo.

For customers living in Chalet Desna – a discount of 500 UAH.



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