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Healing bath on wood

Get a boost of vivacity, get rid of the accumulated stress you can, visiting a healing bath on firewood.

Our healing properties:

  • “light” moist steam
  • aromatherapy oils
  • bamboo brooms
  • spele therapy: Himalayan salt
  • healing tea (Carpathians, China, Japan, South Africa, Azerbaijan)

Works from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Great holiday at affordable prices!

Excellent steam room, bathing in a vat, closed protected area, parking.

Here you can relax with friends and spend your leisure time, celebrate and celebrate.

The bath is designed for 8-10 people.

A wood-burning bath will complement your stay at chalet Desna. Known for its useful and beneficial effect on the body, a visit to the bath can and should be shared with good company. Communication after the bath “Chalet Desna” invites to continue a friendly conversation at the table.

Bath has long been known as a means of relieving physical fatigue and psychological stress. The beneficial effect of bath procedures on the human body is to improve circulation, cleanse from bacteria, increase the tone of the cardiovascular system. Cleansing of skin pores and multiplied by the result of blood flow, contributes to the activation of metabolic processes. The increase in pressure at the beginning of bath procedures is temporary and later normalized due to the expansion of blood vessels. In nursing mothers, visiting the bath contributes to the strengthening of lactation.

The shower bucket is recommended to be used after the steam room, somewhere on the third call, after the body has warmed up. At this point ” dies” inside everything, except that laid by nature, on the skin are barely noticeable needles, the body becomes pink and fresh.

The bath can take up to 10 people.

Opening times: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

In the bath is available: a bucket shower (is a popular procedure among customers of “Chalet Desna” )

Cost of renting a bathhouse : 2500 UAH. Four hours.

For customers living in Chalet Desna – a discount of 500 UAH.

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